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The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) was a United Kingdom government department formed on 19 October 1970. It was replaced with the creation of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills on 28 June 2007.


The department was first formed on 19 October 1970[3] with the merger of the Board of Trade and the Ministry of Technology, creating a new cabinet post of Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. The new department also took over the Department of Employment’s former responsibilities for monopolies and mergers. In January 1974, the department’s responsibilities for energy production were transferred to a newly created Department of Energy. On 5 March that year, following a Labour Party victory in the February 1974 general election, the department was split into the Department of Trade, the Department of Industry and the Department of Prices and Consumer Protection.[4]


In 1983 the departments of Trade and Industry were reunited. The Department of Energy was re-merged back into the DTI in 1992, but various media-related functions transferred to the Department of National Heritage. Until it was succeeded in June 2007 the DTI continued to set the energy policy of the United Kingdom.[5]

After the 2005 general election the DTI was renamed to the Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry,[6] but the name reverted to Department of Trade and Industry less than a week later,[7] after widespread derision, including some from the Confederation of British Industry.[8]


Департамент был впервые сформирован 19 октября 1970 года в результате слияния Совета по торговле и Министерства технологий , в результате чего в кабинете была создана новая должность государственного секретаря по торговле и промышленности . Новый отдел также взял на себя прежние обязанности Департамента занятости по монополиям и слияниям. В январе 1974 года функции отдела по производству энергии были переданы недавно созданному Министерству энергетики . 5 марта того же года, после победы Лейбористской партии на всеобщих выборах в феврале 1974 года , департамент был разделен на Департамент торговли , Департамент промышленности и Департамент цен и защиты потребителей .


В 1983 году были воссоединены торгово-промышленные департаменты. Министерство энергетики было снова объединено с DTI в 1992 году, но различные функции, связанные со СМИ, были переданы Департаменту национального наследия . Пока ему не удалось добиться успеха в июне 2007 года, DTI продолжало определять энергетическую политику Соединенного Королевства .

После всеобщих выборов 2005 года DTI был переименован в Департамент производительности, энергетики и промышленности , но менее чем через неделю название вернулось к Министерству торговли и промышленности после широко распространенных насмешек, в том числе со стороны Конфедерации британской промышленности .

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The DTI had a wide range of responsibilities. There were ultimately nine main areas covered by the DTI:

  • Company Law
  • Trade
  • Business Growth
  • Innovation
  • Employment Law
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Energy
  • Science
  • Consumer Law.

Emergent technology[edit]

From 1999 to 2005 it led the national E-Commerce Awards with InterForum, a not for profit membership organisation that helped British businesses to trade electronically. This aimed to encourage Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to develop their business through the use of E-Commerce technologies.

Corporate policing[edit]

It also had responsibility for investigating misconduct by company directors, in which role Private Eye repeatedly lampooned it as “the Department of Timidity and Inaction”.[9]

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